Many prominent keynote speakers charge a lot. Nonetheless, they deliver what is expected of them, usually, with a lot of extras. You will definitely spend for a reliable keynote speaker, but that does not mean you cannot maximize your money’s worth.

Prominent speakers can benefit your organization not just by giving an informative and motivational speech, but by boosting your organization’s morale and improving image and industry relevance. Here are five ways to do it.

1. Make a single speaking engagement a whole series

Even an exemplary keynote speaker can only say much in a limited time. For most businesses, a single speaking engagement only motivates and inspires more than help the employees progress in a specific field. Thus, a series of speaking engagements is more applicable. This is usually done to monitor a step-by-step development of employees and have a formal evaluation as well.

Keynote speakers who will be hired for a series can also cover the topic more extensively, something that cannot be crunched in a matter of a few minutes or hours. This is also a good idea for big organizations with small venues.

2. Commission the speaker for a forum and personal meeting with the audience

keynote speakerKeynote speakers are the center of attention in events because they have opinions and information that matter. Maximize that by encouraging a discussion and interaction with the audience who might have questions, clarifications and objections. For the sake of healthy argument, you can moderate a forum and make use of your keynote speaker’s knowledge by extending the time of his availability.

If you have small attendance, an additional one-on-one session will help them understand the subject matter more. Many speakers also prefer this kind of setup because it allows them to reach the audience easier and more genuinely.

3. Ask for a consultation

A consultation with a keynote speaker is usually covered in his contract. The only difference is that instead of a whole crowd, the consultation will happen with the organizers and institution higher-ups. This is a perfect time to ask for more sensitive issues regarding a certain topic that only the decision makers should know.

Many business organizations do this before the actual speaking engagement as a form of assessment-cum-consultation. Organizers call it “a way to gauge a speaker’s adeptness” with regard to a topic, but now you know better that it is also a way to get free consultation (as if no prior background check has been done to gauge a speaker’s adeptness).

4. Request for the speaker’s speech coverage, outline and main points

If the speaking engagement is a one-time deal only, maximize the content of his speech by requesting for the speech coverage, outline and main points that you can integrate in your own training program and modules. It is rare that a speaker will turn down this request as his job is to impart information and elaborate them to begin with.

After the event, you can transform the notes into handouts to be distributed to the attendees and those who are not able to listen to the speech. This way, you can reinforce what they heard in the event.

5. Get an official statement from the keynote speaker

An official statement from a prominent and well-respected speaker can be used for your organization’s promotion and other marketing efforts. It can be placed in your website as a formal address, in your press releases, in your newsletters and even advertisements. If you are good in fishing compliments, you can even use his own word as a type of endorsement.

There might come a time when a speaker’s statement can be more useful. Save and hold on to it until the right time has come. Just make sure that you ask for permission.

Video marketing is one of the few sure fire ways that you can leverage a lot of interest in your brand. If you do it right. Do it wrong and you will get ignored or possibly deleted from the servers of millions of websites today. If you want to make a good impact with the world of online marketing, you will need to focus on videos in a whole new way. It has been said that variety is the spice of life, and that’s exactly what you get with videos. A good message can be communicated through a memorable manner if you just focus on the right elements, and that’s why you may want to utilize a SEO Company to help you with marketing in this visual and audio medium. You may scoff at the notion, but if you look at this from the lens of a professional optimization company, you will see why it’s one of the most compelling resources that you have in regards to chasing the right components for marketing glory.

The Different Types of Video Help or Hurt

You have most likely wasted some time watching videos online. You’ve seen them posted and you rush to see what’s up. You may find yourself laughing, crying, or just trying to pass the boredom. With a good engaging visual aid, you can easily kill time, but when something is boring, it will hurt the brand that has developed it. Ever see a bad commercial? Was it memorable? It’s that type of thinking that has many people confused about marketing with videos at the helm of their internet strategy.

Do not assume that your most compelling work will go viral. Viral entanglements are not easy to get into, especially when you’re dealing with a medium that gains more than a million uploads every hour. Big time websites such as YouTube, and Vimeo for example have millions upon millions of videos and all of them are asking for your attention, getting past the gate keepers and getting real views means that you will need to do more than just turn the camera on, then upload. It’s easy to hurt your brand, even if you mean well. It’s better to just let a SEO Company take the concept and idea that you have and build upon that.

Marketing Doesn’t Mean Video Taping Everything

seoSome people have the notion of search engine optimization and visual design flow mixed up. Finding that viral hit that will engage users to go to your page means far more than just taping everything and uploading as much as you can. Some people take this approach to business, and they have channels with hundreds upon hundreds of videos that aren’t very compelling and only serve to isolate them further and further away from people that would benefit from their site, business or service. If you want to segregate yourself from potential clients, then you will find that this is an easy way to get that done.

When you put your ideas in the hands of a SEO Company, they will take the time to look into the right elements of video marketing design. For instance, they may work to help you create the following types of videos:

Office Tours – A tour of your office is one way to compel people to engage, and communicate with your brand. Making them aware of what you’re working with, and what it’s like to spend a day in your shoes can be truncated into a few minutes of video that will get you noticed.

Explanations – Explaining a business model, resources, tools, apps, or just about anything is a great way to communicate information. This can be done through animations, voice over, or just you or a business partner in front of a green screen.

Commercials – One way to really gain leverage is through the use of commercials. Commercials can help you build a good sense of relationship with consumers, if done right. There are a lot of commercials that are too heavy on the sales pitch or are lacking levity, therefore they get ignored. Finding a balance here is something a professional company can help you with.

Whiteboard Animation – Another video idea is that of whiteboard animations with voiceovers. These are used to explain details, and communicate with end users about several distinct ideas.

When you go with a good SEO Company, you will find that they do not just film, upload, and wait for traffic. They instead focus on building scripts, finding animators, and then following projects through to the publishing phase. Once published, they get to work on building traffic modules so that people see your video and in turn engage with you as a business, website, and more. The multifaceted job that they have to do encompasses more than the DIY methodology that some people stick to, and that’s why you may want to hire someone that knows what they are doing in regards to video marketing.

Do not be fooled, this is just one part of the bigger SEO, internet marketing picture. A lot goes into content, and video design from the lens of a professional grade solution is more than just an organizational component, it could make or break your website’s influence.

Are you wondering what makes portable storage containers very popular among home owners?

Believe it or not, these storage containers have been around for more than ten years and have been used in many ways. Back then storage’s are leased rooms where you can simply place in your items. Now, these come in different sizes and can be moved from one location to the next. It has benefited home owners since especially those who move a lot. These also present a number of uses that makes it very attractive especially those with businesses. They can easily store items they don’t need or are seasonal for them.

As the number of facilities that offer portable storage containers continue to grow, here’s a look at the benefits you can get from leasing these.


m-7Movability or portability is the first benefit you get from using these portable storage containers. Their sizes are enough for them to fit in parking spaces and even driveways. Instead of you going to the storage location to place your items, you can easily request a container to be brought to your home. All you need to worry about now is packing your things before loading it in the container. The same goes if you wish to take an item from your storage area. You can ask the keepers to bring the item to your home. These are very convenient especially if you have a business or have exhibits. You can ask the storage keepers to bring your items during a certain date for display.

You can also take it anywhere with trucks. This has been proven to be very ideal for people who move from one location to another. They can easily bring with them the items they cherish very much.

Immediate Storage

You don’t need to assemble a storage area or have one made for you. These containers do nicely for immediate use. You can just lease it and if you already have one you can just store away the items you want stored. It is durable enough that it can stand against any weather changes. This is the reason why many prefer these storage devices especially when they wish to remove all the clutter from their home. They can immediately put it away. If you are remodeling your home, you can keep your furniture here too. These portable storages come in different sizes that you can keep more items if you want.


One of the benefits of using portable storage containers is the flexibility that such containers provide their users. You can use it for almost any activities and projects you have in mind. You can use it as a means of storage for items you are not using anymore, items which are out of season, and a temporary storage for your home’s contents when you are remodeling among other things. Most of the time, these are used to store items which you wish to take with you as you move to another location.

When it comes to business, owners with shops can use this to store their stocks. At some point, those with clothing shops or fashion galleries use these to store their items either for future use or after their fashion shows.

Portable storage containers are some of the best solutions to clutter problems. You don’t have to stock everything in your home and have it wasted away by dust or other microbes. You don’t even have to worry where to place your things or how to arrange your furniture. You can also easily move in your home, redecorate if needed, remodel, or even clear the spaces for certain social functions. These storage areas help ease your worry about where to put all your stuff for safekeeping.

Parting ways with your spouse can be tough and draining for both of you. In this article, you will discover some of the pointers that you have to keep in mind. These tips will help you make the proceeding smoother.

According to Utah divorce lawyers, you should copy your records.

Before you perform your divorce, you have to generate copies of all of your financial records. You have to secure them in a safe place. As much as possible, you have to keep these copies away from the sight of your spouse.

Obtaining copies for credit applications can help you go a long way.

You should provide copies of mortgage applications or credit applications from your creditors or bank. Especially important to note are those that have already been completed one year before your actual separation. If these applications are joint, then it will list income, liabilities, and assets for both of you. These things are especially helpful if you are applying for a separate credit or loan account.

Identity check is important for faster validation of documents.

You should verify business, personal, and financial data because these elements are especially critical in maintaining your identity. It is crucial to check out the data reporting services in investment companies, insurance companies, banks, and credit agencies. These will help verify if your personal information is accurate and valid. You may even check out your online information.

Marital debt should still be dealt with as a pair.

This debt refers to the debt that you incurred as a couple before the divorce proceedings came up. This means that both of you have previously signed an application or a document that states that both of you are highly responsible for the debt. According to the Utah divorce lawyers, these remain your obligations no matter what happens after the proceeding.

Eventually, you have to cancel your combined lines of credit.

crimeIf you settlement in divorce will make your spouse as the sole responsible part for debt payment that was originally jointly incurred, you have to continue checking out the account. You should perform constant monitoring so you can be ensured that the payments will be timely done. This is especially important because payments that are not turned in timely can adversely affect your current credit standing.

As much as possible, you have to maintain a good sense of understanding of the benefits that you can get from Social Security.

If you have been married for at least a decade, you will eventually be entitled to around 50 percent of the benefit of your spouse. This is equivalent to around 100 percent of the accrued benefit. You can obtain whichever is greater between these two. This is not actually considered a negotiation point in your divorce.

You have to follow the rules for alimony deductibility.

For alimony, the amount will be taxed to your spouse. This should be paid in dollar, according to the Utah divorce lawyers. You should maintain your distance after the divorce.

You should make sure that your source of income will not be disrupted despite all of the turmoil.

One of the best ways to have some funds ready for you and your children is to update on your disability and other insurance policies that you may have signed up in the past.

Review of beneficiary information is also vital for better understanding of the entire divorce proceeding, as stated by Utah divorce lawyers.

Some of the pieces of information that you have to review are the following: life insurance policies, annuities, individual retirement plans, designated beneficiary accounts, annuities, and other similar plans.

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Starting and developing a business is one of the most challenging things you can attempt. Making sure that the business thrives and profits is the hardest part of all. As if there is a need for more challenges, the generation today adds the necessity of choosing a good hosting provider for your business, whether that business is online or offline. Why is this so? Any businessman is aware that to be able to capture all possible markets, the use of the power of the internet is a must. A full-blown, online marketing strategy is vital to the survival and success of any given business.

cheap-vps-hosting.pngWhat is VPS? The acronym stands for virtual private server. VPS hosting is the popular choice nowadays for one to have access to the resources of a dedicated host without the high cost that comes along with it. There are many companies that offer different packages. Which one is the right one for you? The answer depends entirely on your business needs. Therefore, choose which VPS host is best for the business according to which company can accommodate all the requirements of your business.

For someone who is not a computer geek and new to all these, choosing a hosting provider is made easy with this three steps. Try to determine if Windows VPS server is the one that you need for your business.

Is Windows VPS server for you?

1. Check the disk space being offered. Most hosting providers, including Windows VPS, offer generous storage capacity limits. For regular businesses, the packages being offered by almost all hosting providers would suffice. However, if your website is a file sharing site or any site that requires high traffic or flow of online clients on a daily basis, this is a different matter altogether. The disk space would be your primary concern when selecting a hosting provider. The disk space of Windows VPS server is fully customizable to suit your needs.

2. Assess the bandwidth. Have you tried downloading a specific file to either your computer or from other computers? The rate (how fast or how slow) the data or the file is being transferred is the bandwidth. For most business people, this is an utmost important feature of a hosting package. It could be frustrating when a potential online client tries to view your website and the server may crash and the client would fail to have access to the website.

It is very important to note that shared servers usually offer “unlimited” bandwidth. This could be mistaken for a good deal unless one is aware that any high amount of traffic on a shared server is unsustainable. The key here is this: how much bandwidth you will get is directly proportional to how much you are willing to pay. It could come with a cost. Do not fall for too-good-to-true offers when it comes to bandwidth. And there would be cases that even when you have the best bandwidth, crashes can still occur. This is common when an unusual traffic spike occurs. The bandwidth of Windows VPS server has a protection system that allows your website to continue running smoothly even when there is heavy traffic.

3. Check the RAM. Ram stands for random access memory. You could choose from dedicated or shared RAM. Again, know what your business needs before you decide what to purchase. A good hosting provider should be able to support the monitoring of the performance and the overall availability of RAM.

These are the basic things to check before you decide which is the best virtual private server suited for your business needs. There are other factors to be considered as well. To get the VPS package ideal for your needs, seek the advice of Windows VPS server experts.

Always remember that there is no way to remove all the risk when inhaling vaporized e liquid, whether it is blended by manufacturers or by you, in your home. You have to exercise sufficient caution at all times. And consider your choices carefully before engaging in any do-it-yourself procedures.

e liquidForemost among the reminders is that pure nicotine should never be used for e-cig or vaporizer liquid. It is basically a poison and should not be sold to civilians. If you purchase some whether or not by accident, you would have to bring it to a pharmacy to be properly disposed of. If you are not sure about your decision to try out DIY liquids, it is recommended to just use one of the numerous flavor choices pre-made by manufacturers.

Here are some of the precautions you need to observe when mixing DIY e liquid in your home:

• You must never purchase pure nicotine, this is redundant but necessary. A 100 mg/ml concentration is already overkill for DIY. Because for even the most avid users, 54 mg/ml is already too strong.

• Never allow the nicotine to touch your skin. Nicotine in liquid form can be absorbed through the skin. Avoid any risk and be careful when handing the nicotine.

• Don’t let the nicotine fumes build up. Clear the atmosphere by ensuring that there is at least one open window to let the chemical fumes breathe out.

• Always wear protective clothing. These are legitimate laboratory chemicals that you will be handling, so wear appropriate clothes. There should be as little skin exposed to spillage as possible, wear a mask and your footwear should also be closed.

• Also, make sure that the area you are working on is well ventilated. Your workspace should be free from the buildup of fumes.

• Exercise caution when handling the nicotine because some individuals tend to be more susceptible to show reactions to exposure to it, more so without the diluents.

• Keep your chemicals, mixing and refilling equipment away from children and pets. They are particularly vulnerable to accidents involving this stuff.

• Store your chemicals carefully in child and pet-proof containers and keep these out of their reach.

• Some of the components in the e liquid are flammable. Because of this, you must safeguard your workspace and your home from fire hazards.

• Avoid spills and splashes as much as possible. You should have paper towels and rinsing paraphernalia readily available to quickly deal with any splashes. You also must have a practiced protocol when dealing with spillage of any kind. Be ready and watchful so you can stop any spillage before it happens.

• It is crucial to have a nicotine strength testing kit to find out what concentration you have produced in your e liquid each time. It is inexpensive and is absolutely necessary.

• For additional protection, wear protective eye gears like goggles or eye-shields, aprons that are preferably plastic and rubber gloves. These are readily available and are very useful.

• There are some flavors that are hazardous and are deemed inappropriate for any kind of inhalation. While some others are only prohibited for usage in vaporizers at certain intensities and are allowed within restriction, it’s better to monitor what you choose and use.

• There is absolutely no flavor that is completely safe for inhalation. Menthol is considered relatively safe, but there is currently no way to make sure of that. There are flavors that can be problematic when used in e liquid, so you have to check the components of each flavor you try or mix in your blend to make sure none of them will prove an issue for your health.

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Printed circuit boards have many advantages, making it the better option when building electronic devices. In the past, electronic devices are connected with large wires. These wires are placed anywhere they could fit it in. This method was very messy and definitely occupies a huge amount of space. PCBs on the other hand, use a different approach. This circuit is mounted on a non-conductive board and is connected with small pathways called traces. PCBs are designed either through a computer using computer-aided software or can be done manually using a felt tip marker and graphing paper. Most prefer the computer aided version of designing boards since adjusting the layout is easier. You can easily make layout to fit any component and occupy a minimum amount of space possible.                                   Pcb

This so-called “miracle space saver” for electronic devices contains several parts. The most noticeable part of the PCB would be the traces. These thin lines are conductors (can carry electric charge from one place to another) and they serve to connect all the parts of the component in the circuit. Drilled on printed circuit boards are holes, the number of which is dependent to the chip which will be attached to it. The holes are created so that the electronic circuit is mounted completely without long leads and wires. The most important part of the PCB is the component itself. It can either be an integrated circuit (IC) or a microchip. The component performs the work of the circuit while the PCB provides the connection.

One can create their own printed circuit boards provided all materials needed are made available. Electronic circuit layout can be made through a computer using specific software. There is a lot of software readily available like PCB, Liquid PCB and Shortcut. A layout is important to ensure that a perfect arrangement of parts is created before making it permanent by soldering. The schematic layout of the circuit is literally printed on the board thus the name printed circuit boards. A raw circuit board has two layers: the non-conductive bottom made either of fiberglass or wood and the sheet of metal (most commonly copper) on top.

The layout created for the circuit is transferred to the copper plate in the circuit board using an etch-resistant substance. A good example of such substance would be asphalt, nail polish or the ordinary sharpie marker. A non-artist can use the ever-dependent laser printers to create the layout for the circuit board. The ink used in this type of printer is etch-resistant making it the best to use for your circuit board. Using a glossy paper print the layout created in the computer. Make sure that you selected the mirror printing option when printing. Place the glossy side of the paper with the print, on top of the copper plate. Iron the paper on the copper plate using ordinary clothes iron. The length of time depends on the type of paper and ink used. Once satisfied, immerse the board in hot water for a few minutes (maximum of 10 minutes). Remove the paper ensuring that the ink is left on the copper plate. You can now etch the board using a mordant, a mixture of acid and water. Remember to pour the acid on the water and not the other way around. The excess copper is removed and what is left is the design on the board. Holes are placed to attach the chip to the board.

Printed circuit boards are used in almost every electronic device in the market today. The biggest desktops to microwave ovens to small mobile phones use PCBs to organize wires inside the device. PCBs are indeed a revolutionary invention of man.

Who says that wearing your ID in school or during work is not fun at all? It can be a fun and exciting routine to wear your ID when you use ID Lanyards. These accessories, which are usually in the form of ropes or chords, are used to carry and show ID badges, ID cards, and can also be used for security or government purposes. It is usually worn around the neck. It can also be worn around the shoulder or wrist if you want to carry other objects.

IL-2You can use your ID Lanyards to carry your home or car keys so that they will be available to you when you need them and you would not waste time looking for them. You can also use the same to carry your USB when you need to transfer and save files to a computer. Moreover, your ID Lanyard can also be used to carry your MP3 player whenever you are bored or you just want to kill time.

It can also be a helpful and creative way to encourage you to wear your ID in school or at work. You do not have to keep your IDs in your wallet or clip them to your collar and then present them when asked. Some schools and companies provide free lanyards to students and employees, but you can always decide what kind of ID lanyard you will wear.

Some of the commonly used ID Lanyards are the following:

Those with hooks, clips, loops, and rings. Whichever ID lanyard and attachment accessory you choose, it will depend on your personal need and choice. There are attachment hooks which are not capable of swiveling so that there is no need for you to fix your ID always. Those with clips and grips are also great to use because your ID cannot be easily detached from your lanyard. While those with rings can be used to carry and display other things with your ID.

Some ID Lanyards are made of OptiBraid round material with a unique kind of slider. The imprint areas and the lanyard sizes itself also vary. Some lanyards have an imprint area of 19 mm on average. While the size of the lanyard itself usually ranges from 6 mm – 914 mm. Moreover, you can also choose from the various colors and designs of the ID lanyard that you would want to wear. It is one of the simplest and most effective ways for you to make wearing your ID in school or at work a habit.

But you can make your ID Lanyards more fun and creative by customizing them. You can choose from a lot of different ID Lanyard styles that would suit your personality. You can even style your own ID lanyard. You can also print a statement which could be your favorite motto or just express what you feel for a specific day. You can also put the name of your school or your company for promotional purposes.

And if you are a fashionable person, you can even consider your ID Lanyard as a fashion statement. There are many ways to customize your ID Lanyard and it all depends on your creativity. Customizing your ID Lanyard adds excitement every time you wear your ID because it really looks nicer while you look forward to wearing your ID each day.

Besides, when you develop the habit of wearing your ID in school or at work, you do not only show that you are a proud student or employee of that school or company. It also indicates that you are capable of showing obedience and professionalism that is required from you. All of that because of the fun and the enjoyment that you are feeling every time you would wear your ID Lanyard.

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Being able to provide high quality golf equipment to more than 70 countries, Callaway Golf is now the largest golf equipment manufacturing company in the world. However, as with many successes, this company started very small and went through a long journey before becoming how it came to be. In this company’s case, it actually started with a Hickory stick.

In 1981, Ely Reeves Callaway Jr., a successful businessman of his time, decided he’s done with business and should start enjoying his remaining years. At the age of 60, he has sold his winery, gained a $9 million dollar profit.  Reminiscing about his younger years when he competed and won several tournaments, he went back to his childhood sports – golf.

Back then, he became very interested in golf clubs made by a certain company – the Hickory stick. He loved the golf clubs very much that he had to call the manufacturers, Richard Parente, Dick de la Cruz, and Tony Manzoni, to express his admiration. At that time, the company that manufactured Hickory sticks was in need of investors.  The company’s dwindling funds prompted the owners to ask Callaway for help. In 1982, Ely Callaway bought half of the company for $400,000 and the company was re-named to Callaway Hickory Stick.

The company wasCallaway Golf so left behind the competition and Callaway started off by personally selling their golf clubs using his own Cadillac. Callaway became the president and CEO of the company in 1983, and then became the sole owner in 1984 for another $400,000. He moved the company to Carlsbad and started to take things to the next level. Together with his head of sales, Bruce Parker, he started increasing the company’s profile and sales.

In 1986, he decided it was time to introduce new products to the market and hired a billiard cue designer, Richard C. Hemsletter, to be his lead club consultant. With Hemsletter, Callaway Hickory Stick became the first golf equipment manufacturing company to use computer controlled manufacturing machines ensuring them the flattest surface of a putter among all manufacturers.

Four years after he started and with the help of a few more investors, Callaway was able to come up with a new design for a golf club and introduced S2H2 (Short Straight Hollow Hosel). This new golf club were made of irons and had a shorter hosel, hollow shafts, and rounded heel concentrating the weight to clubhead. Golfers loved it so much and their sales increased dramatically. In 1988, the company changed its name to its present name, Callaway Golf.  By then, it was more than doubling its sales with Callaway Edge Irons, Wedges, Callaway Persimmon Woods, and of course, S2H2 golf clubs. By 1989, their sales have increased from $4.8 million of the previous year to $10.4 million.

Callaway Golf became a lot more popular in the 1990’s after PGA Tour players began using them. In 1991, still with the help of Richard Hemster and their master tool maker, Glenn Schmidt, they introduced their most phenomenal product – Big Bertha. Big Bertha was a crossbreed design of S2H2 and bore-through shaft. It was made of metal wood, had an oversized clubhead and a thinner face. This made it a whole lot more comfortable to use giving the golfer a better directional control and more distance without needing too much precision on hitting the ball that other golf clubs required. It was named from a World War I cannon used by Germans against Paris and just like the cannon which can hit from six miles away, Big Bertha hit the market with a great impact and soon surpassed the sales of every other golf clubs in USA.

From then, Callaway Golf continued improving their designs and creating new products and kept progressing until they not only became the leading golf equipment manufacturing company in America but also in the international market.

Callaway golf equipment has always had a playability and power that golfers can’t get enough of.

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Using a misting fan is a cheaper and greener way to cool down during the hot summer days. Unlike air conditioning units, a misting fan uses water to lower temperatures. For it to operate, it needs an electric and water source. Most misting fans come with storage tanks where the mister gets it water while some can be directly connected to a water hose for a continuous water supply. Because of its versatility, it can be used at different places.

Where can mist fans be used?

  • Greenhouse – Not all plants can grow optimally at high temperatures. They also need to be cooled down. What better way to cool them down than through a misting fan. A mister not only provides a cooler temperature but it can also give the plants the additional moisture they need. The nozzle can be adjusted into a setting where the water is sprayed as droplets and not as a fine mist.
  • Outdoor Games – Games like football are usually done outside under the blazing sun. The heat from the sun can lead to high temperatures which can be uncomfortable for both the athletes and spectators. One way to cool down during the game is to use misting fans. The fan directs the mist to various directions and pushes the mist even further. Because of this, wider areas can be cooled.
  • Indoors – Since mister sprays water, many find it difficult to believe that they can be used indoors. Many assume that the mist will damage appliances, soak papers and form puddles on the floor. All these assumptions are simply not true. Many misting fans are equipped with adjustable nozzles that can spray dry mist which evaporates right away.
  • Backyard – Holding a barbecue party at the backyard is one way to spend time with loved ones. However, the heat emitted from the grill and the hot weather can be very uncomfortable for some. With a misting fan, this problem can be solved. In this case, a low pressure misting fan is already enough to cool the area.

How does it work?

When the water is sprayed into a mist, heat is transferred from the hot air molecules to the cooler water molecules. Since the air lost heat, the surrounding temperature will become cooler. The transferred heat is then used to turn water into vapor. This vapor also cools the surrounding even further. The fan also contributes by circulating the air and spreading the mist evenly across the area. In this way, more space is cooled down faster.

High vs. low pressure

  • Low pressure misting fans only have pressures up to 100 psi or lower. There are usually no water pumps and because of this, the mister relies on the water pressure of the faucet. If the fan uses a storage tank as its water source, it relies on the specialized nozzle to create a mist. The lack of pressure sometimes results to a mist made up of bigger droplets of water. The bigger droplets will not evaporate as quickly as the smaller ones so people near the fan may feel these droplets touch their skin. However, the droplets are not big enough to get someone soaking wet.
  • High pressure misting fans are the best type of misting fan one can have. The mist produced by the fan is fine and dry thanks to the high pressure build up behind the nozzle. The only problem with buying this is that it is expensive. Typically, they cost more than twice the price of the low pressure misting fans.

If money is nothing to worry about, buying the high pressure misting fan is the most advisable thing to do. It is a good investment especially when the misting fan is intended for cooling down a huge area packed with many people. For first time users who would want to first check the performance of a mister, choosing the low pressure type is the way to go.

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