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Challenge coins are specially designed coins given by the commander head or officer to the members of his unit. They are not actually coins, per se. The challenge coin got its name during World War II when some American soldiers stationed at Germany imitated the local culture of demanding for fpennig checks or the lowest denomination coin of that place. From then on, this unique tradition of military servicemen expanded and evolved and now is already practiced outside the parameters of the military. Later on, it was used to honor retired veteran soldiers.

challenge coinsToday, the challenge coins have gained popularity among civilians too. Nowadays, it is very common to own, to have, to collect, to give as a gift or to buy a challenge coin. You don’t need to become a soldier and be a hero before you can claim one. Anybody can receive and anybody can create and give away the coins for whatever reason they could think of. You don’t need a special reason actually to create it. The coins have indeed evolved.

Non-military organizations today have produced challenge coins for many different reasons. The reasons vary from being a token of appreciation or identity to being a source of income for fundraisers and other individuals. There were even some people who started a contest involving the use of the coins. Some were asked to produce the oldest coin while others were asked to make the most beautiful design of a challenge coin. It has become a sort of a craze for modern day people.

Also today, challenge coins are being collected, some for display, others for their sentimental value. It also makes a great gift if you are thinking of something special to give to former military servicemen. You can purchase this online or on any branch of the service. They don’t usually cost a lot. The price depends on the year and material of the coin. The eBay site offers a variety of the coins and they come at great prices too. Plus eBay has the buyer protector guarantee, making it a safe and convenient way to shop.

Another new function of challenge coin is for business. Some companies have made this as their souvenir give away item every Christmas. You could easily design your own coin according to your company’s logo and tagline and add other features you may want to be stamped on it. You could also choose from various shapes, designs or even templates made available in the market.

Although it’s a gift from the company, note that it can also serve as a way of advertisement. Some put their promotional items or discounts on it while others make it a sort of calling cards, wherein the company’s contact numbers and other pertinent data are stamped on it. Instead of handing away their calling cards, they hand away the challenge coins. This could attract potential buyers.

Others have tried to gain financial increase with the use of the coins. Many people collect this for various reasons and mostly sentimental reasons, while some collect the items to become a source of income. Some of the coins were made from precious metal and they increase in value as time passes by.

There are also limited versions, which could be worth a lot. So the people who have the coins that others are trying to collect could sell this at a great price. If you have a collection of the very old versions, this could be considered as an asset.

Would you believe? Challenge coin has been made into a game too. The designs and the year it was distributed were usually the challenges that the contestants need to answer.

And lastly, today, you don’t even need a reason to create and design your own challenge coin. You could just go ahead and make your bunch of coins. Although it may sound like it has become a whim and has lost its significance, the obvious thing is, that the coins are here to stay.

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There are different types of fireproof safes that address the various secure storage needs of homeowners. These safes are supposed to safeguard valuable and important items against loss or damage because of burglary, fires, or floods. A homeowner’s or business owner’s purpose for purchasing a safe should determine the kind of safe that he chooses to buy. Some safes are for temporary storage purposes while there are those that are intended for more permanent and long term secure storage.

Safes can be used for not only for business, but also for your personal items. You can have fireproof safes in your home to store small items like cash and checks, jewelleries, documents, rare items, and photos. There are also bigger safes that are intended for the secure storage of items like firearms and ammunition as well as paintings and valuable art pieces.

Cash and Checks

fireproof safesThere are people who have the need to store large amounts of cash or checks at home or in their business premises. These are often the target of burglars and thieves. There are temporary drop safes that can be used to store cash and checks until the owner has the time to go to the bank. In these bigger financial institutions, the cash and checks are stored in bigger vaults often the size of a small room. At home or at the office, people might have vault-like safes as well. These are usually fireproof safes that keep the money safe even during fires.


People who keep jewelry at home can have small jewelry safes that are fireproof as well. While some have the smaller type of security box for their jewelry, the danger to this type is the ease with which it can be carried away. The burglars can just take it and try to break into it later to get what’s inside. Because of this, some owners still opt to put their jewelry safe inside a bolted fireproof safe that cannot be taken by burglars.


There are certain documents that people would have to keep in their homes or place of business. This includes: identification documents like birth certificates, passports, and licenses; financial documents like stock certificates, passbooks, and insurance contracts; and proofs of ownership such as land titles and deeds. All these can be kept in fireproof document safes. These safes that are specifically designed for documents would often have compartments or file tabs to help the owner organize the documents for safekeeping. With this type of secure storage at home, all the documents are accessible to the owner anytime he needs them. Some owners would also keep their confidential files like letters and special photos in these secure storage boxes.

Rare Items

Collectibles and rare items that are considered of high value can be kept in safes as well. These could perhaps include your stamp or coin collection, artwork from famous artists, or old photographs. These items are irreplaceable. Should they get lost or damaged, there is no way that the owner can recover them at all. While the monetary value of these items can be covered by an insurance policy, they cannot be recreated again if they get lost or damaged. You should seriously consider putting these in fireproof safes that are mounted securely in a hidden location in your home or business premises. Consider safes that are waterproof as well especially if you intend to mount the safe in an area of your home that could be affected by floods.


These are items that are not supposed to be left lying around anywhere. As such, there are safes that are specifically made to accommodate guns and firearms of different sizes. These safes can also fit ammunition and other accessories that might come with your guns. Aside from keeping them away from the hands of people who intend to do you harm, safes can also keep these guns away from the playful hands of young kids who might tinker with them and cause accidents.

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